Corporate leasing

What is Corporate Leasing?

A Corporate lease is a contract between a landlord and a business for the rental of property. Lease can be defined as the transfer of interest in a property, subject to conditions set out and agreed upon between parties in a lease deed.

The person leasing or giving the immovable property who is the owner or acting on behalf of the owner is known as lessor. He also receives the consideration amounting from such lease. The lessee is the individual who obtains possession of the immovable property and pays consideration to the lessor.

What are the contents of Lease Agreement?

A Corporate lease is initiated by way of a Corporate Lease Agreement. This agreement is essentially a legal contract structured when renting immovable property to or from a corporate when renting business property.

A Corporate lease agreement would entail the owner/ landlord of the property also legally known as the lessor’s details and specifications and the lessee’s desire and purpose of such corporate leasing. The agreement contains the lease amount payable, duration of the lease and any such information required at the discretion of the parties.

Why Corporate Leasing?

Most businesses will choose to rent property instead of buying it because it requires less capital. At Business Options, we understand the need of our clients and aim to provide all round service in an effort to provide 3600 support to our clients.

The cycle behind a higher population is that it demands more jobs. When this happens, more investments occur in businesses, corporates and enterprises. These businesses, corporates and enterprises require SPACE i.e. physical area. Many start-up companies or large franchises cannot afford to invest high amount of money into real estate.

Legal terms in a Corporate Lease
  • Leasing of this property in India requires the execution of a lease deed.
  • Transfer of Property Act, is a Central Legislation, however, States have the power to enact provisions relating to Stamp duty, taxes, rents etc.
  • The person leasing the property has to be the true owner of such leased property.
  • A lease agreement causes the lessee to have exclusive possession of the property.

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