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Established in 2007, 60 Franchisee currently

HQ in New Delhi, Delhi

Business Details

About SUPER 99

We are Super 99 (previously Store 99). Store 99 was originally part of the Shahid Group which owned THS (The Home Store) & Sabka Bazaar. Store 99 was founded by Mr. Javed in 2007 as he brought this concept from the US since he lived there for more than 30 years. The same passion and vision is now part of Super 99 a leading retail shopping brand with more than 60+ stores throughout India. We have a deep expertise since 1997 within the retail segment and now we are rapidly and successfully expanding Super 99 across all of India. Since 2007, we have been adding value to the lives of our customers. We source many of our products locally as we believe in “Make in India.” We also source some of our products from many countries such as Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam and China. Each of our SUPER 99 stores is laced with a wide range of products that we use in our everyday lives. So, you can expect to get anything from a wide range of categories such as Kitchen & Dining, Health & Beauty, Toys & Games, Food & Beverage, Stationery, Home Accessories, Gifts & Decor, Bathroom, Ready to Wear and much more

How to Own SUPER 99

WE INVITE YOU TO OPEN A SUPER 99 STORE! Enjoy the wonderful opportunity of operating and managing a franchise of this popular super store. Grab this opportunity with open hands and make the most out of it, if you’re interested in this lucrative offer, get in touch with us immediately. To open a franchise of SUPER 99, you need to have a property somewhere in the city or town and tell us the capital you would want to invest in this amazing business endeavour. Get in touch with us by just filling in few simple details to know more about the opportunity.

Product & Services


Franchise Support

you have a piece of property somewhere in the city, let us know as we’d be pleased to open a store there. Tell us about your property, its location, the area and other details so that we can analyse it’s worth as a location for a SUPER 99 store. Let us build a mutually rewarding partnership and grow together to realize our goals

Investment Details

Franchise Units
Unit Name Investment Space Brand Fee Staff Expected Monthly Sales ROI Royalty / Commission
Single ₹30Lakh to ₹40Lakh 1000 - 1500 Sq Ft ₹5Lakh 10 ₹5 75% 66
Expansion Locations

Bhopal, Delhi, Jaipur, Kota, Jabalpur

Agreement & Other Details

Do you have a standard franchise agreement?
How long is the franchise term for?
5 Years
Is the term renewable?
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