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The Swiss Laundry

Established in 2013, 10 Franchisee currently

HQ in Kolkata, West Bengal

Business Details

About The Swiss Laundry

The Swiss laundry opened with the first franchise in Kolkata in the year 2013. What started as a small business to change the scenery of laundry service, has now spread its roots to other cities of India a well. Apart from its franchise in Kolkata, the Swiss Laundry also provides its services to selected locations in Nasik, Kolhapur, Bhubaneswar, Pune. In these cities as well, we deliver our promise of providing premium service in the laundry and dry cleaning sectors.

How to Own The Swiss Laundry

Contact Business Options Team.

Product & Services

1) Dry Cleaning 2) Wet Cleaning 3) Ornamental Cleaning 4) Pressing / Ironing 5) Express wash

Franchise Support

Start a business with a high growth opportunity | The Swiss Laundry The first thing that comes to our mind before we invest in anything is- what will be the returns from 1) Proven business model 2) Expertise help you 3) Growing Industry

Investment Details

Franchise Units
Unit Name Investment Space Brand Fee Staff Expected Monthly Sales ROI Royalty / Commission
Central Work Shop ₹50Lakh to ₹60Lakh 850 - 900 Sq Ft ₹5Lakh 5 ₹40 75% 0
Collection Center ₹3Lakh to ₹4Lakh 100 - 150 Sq Ft ₹1Lakh 4 ₹90 100% 0
Expansion Locations

Indore, New Delhi, Bhopal

Agreement & Other Details

Do you have a standard franchise agreement?
How long is the franchise term for?
5 Years
Is the term renewable?
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