Express Food Joints - Franchise opportunity


Established in 2016, 60 Franchisee currently

HQ in Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Business Details


Why CSB? Unique concept : – We invite all our customers to become saviours of mother earth as we serve chai in a kulhad. Moreover, the chai stays steaming hot, be it summers or a bone chilling winter! Great taste : – Be it after a 4 hour lecture or a tiring day at office, we all have a 4 pm chai break. What makes it even more fun is that we use high quality milk and the best authentic ingredients to help you savour the goodness of chai! Eco-friendly : We at Chai Sutta Bar understand our responsibility towards Mother Nature and make sure we fulfil it each day with every eco- friendly kulhad of happiness that we serve to you! Many Varieties: – Is it masala chai or elaichi ? or would you prefer some ginger or a rose chai? well then, how about a sweet sweet kulhad of chocolate chai? we at Chai Sutta Bar have a chai for every mood! Smoking prohibited: At Chai Sutta Bar, it is our priority to take care of our customers and so, smoking is prohibited at every outlet of the Chai Sutta Bar. Instead, indulge yourselves in the mesmerizing aroma of fresh chai leaves or the tantalizing taste of a refreshing kulhad of chai! Fast and best service :Good things take time… but we at Chai Sutta Bar don’t keep you waiting! Our happiness is providing our customers with the best service! Customer friendly staff Great Ambience: Chai Sutta Bar has the best of chai time playlists and ambience to complement your experience!


• Average ROI 108% • Area Required 80-2000 sq foot Reasons to partner: • Continuous innovative menu additions • Multiple existing store locations in different cities • Contemporary and unique decor to attract youngsters • Strategic pricing policy to suit everyone’s budget • Featured by prominent media sites and publications Chai Sutta Bar (The franchisor) will provide extensive support to the franchisee for mutual growth and profitability based on the following parameters: • Fit Outs of the franchisee as per franchisors specifications (for products-directly by the franchisor and for other equipment etc. To be aligned by the franchisee)

Product & Services

• Provision of all forms, formats, cash sheets, sales sheets, monthly report sheets etc. • Assistance in creation and installation of marketing merchandise etc. And provision of informative material, presentation and printed material like brochures, pamphlets and flex banners on cost basis • Step wise training programs(start-up phase, the operating phase and growth phase)

Franchise Support

• Chai Sutta Bar will also take care of quality of services to be delivered at the franchisee end as well as to the end customer

Investment Details

Franchise Units
Unit Name Investment Space Brand Fee Staff Expected Monthly Sales ROI Royalty / Commission
CAFE ₹12Lakh to ₹15Lakh 80 - 2000 Sq Ft ₹6Lakh 3 ₹5 108% 2
Expansion Locations

Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Jaipur, Navi Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune

Agreement & Other Details

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How long is the franchise term for?
5 Years
Is the term renewable?
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